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Stop Uganda's Horrific Anti-Homosexuality Bill


Uganda's proposed Anti-Homosexuality Bill, if passed, would be one of the world's most draconian laws against homosexuality — and a horrifying violation of health and human rights. This bill could dismantle many of the gains seen in the fight against HIV/AIDS. It perpetuates stigma, which fuels the HIV/AIDS pandemic. And it will make it harder for doctors, nurses and medical professionals in Uganda to provide confidential medical care to their clients.

The House and Senate will soon vote on HR 1064 and SR 409. These bills condemn Uganda's brutal anti-homosexuality bill and urge the Obama administration and the world to ensure health and human rights in Uganda are protected.

Tell your Senators and Congressperson to co-sponsor these resolutions and vote for their passage TODAY. 

For more information on the bill, see PHR blog posts from December and January.

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