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Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) mobilizes the health professions to advance the health and dignity of all people by protecting human rights. As a founding member of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines, PHR shared the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize.

Current Advocacy Campaigns from Physicians for Human Rights

Secretary Clinton, Save Lives in Zimbabwe 
February 12, 2009
  Health Emergency in Zimbabwe: Act Now 
November 19, 2008
Tell Congress Harm Reduction = Human Rights 
February 10, 2009
  Statement On The Rights Of Nurses To Health And Safety 
July 11, 2008
Secretary of State Clinton, Act Now on Darfur 
February 05, 2009
  Endorse the Health Rights = Healthy Women Platform 
March 07, 2008

Previous Advocacy Campaigns from Physicians for Human Rights

Ask President Obama to Keep His Promises to Darfur  
January 09, 2009
Tell the White House to Abolish the US HIV Travel Ban  
August 27, 2008
Don't Stand for the Delay of the Trial of a Suspected War Criminal  
September 11, 2008
Ask Congress to Protect Youth in the Juvenile Justice System  
July 16, 2008

Recent Messages from Physicians for Human Rights

Ask Clinton to Save Lives in Zimbabwe  
February 12, 2009
Harm Reduction - group 2  
February 11, 2009
Send a Valentine  
February 11, 2009
PHR Announces Launch of New Website  
February 09, 2009
Tell Congress Harm Reduction = Human Rights  
February 11, 2009
Honor your loved one this Valentine's Day  
February 06, 2009

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